The Survivor Today Steps

TODAY I commit to a purposeful journey of healing.

As a child, a crime was committed against me. I know TODAY, without a doubt, that the abuse was not my fault.

Like any other attack, I suffered wounds – some of which never healed and cause me pain TODAY.

Although I may not have received adequate treatment as a child, TODAY I will seek out and offer myself the best health care available.

I am worthy, I am valuable, I am beautiful, I am talented and I am loved by God EVERY DAY!

I am not alone – I understand that I am one out of about 5 people that experienced sexual abuse as a child.

I will work through my fears and work through the lies TODAY.

I will speak up and ask for help TODAY.

I deserve a healthy life TODAY.

I will take care of my mind, body and soul TODAY and each and every day.

In my journey I recognize that I need God to make it through TODAY and each and every day!

I will not allow others perceptions or opinions about my experience define me TODAY or influence my destiny.


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