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Nsa blow they earnestly investigate reports of waste, fraud, abuse, professional negligence, or crimes against the Constitution reported by employees or contractors working for agencies msa the CIA or NSA?

My own experience in is illustrative.

Over a two-year period working with my nsa blow, Robin who was a CIA detailee to a Senate committee at the timewe discovered that, contrary to the public statements by then-Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Colin Powell and other senior George H. Bush administration officials including CIA Director John DeutchAmerican troops nsa blow in fact been exposed to chemical agents during and after the war with Saddam Hussein.

That became clear just days after we delivered the first of nsa blow several internal briefings to increasingly senior officials at first gay anal CIA and other intelligence agencies.

We now live in a country where the committees charged with reining in excessive domestic spying instead too often act as apologists and attack dogs for the agencies they are charged with regulating. Seeing the writing on the nsa blow, I began working on what would become a book about our experience: After I filed nsa blow lawsuit, the agency yielded.

Within six months, the CIA was forced to admit that it had indeed been withholding data on such chemical exposures, nsa blow were a possible cause of the post-war illnesses that would ultimately affect about one-third of the nearlyNsa blow. None of the CIA or Pentagon officials who perpetrated the cover-up were fired or prosecuted.

The program was innovative, cheap, and badly needed. It became a pricey boondoggle that never produced a nsa blow piece of intelligence.

But in spite of this vindication, all who had filed the complaint were subsequently nsa blow by the FBI on bogus charges of leaking classified information. I have read the Defense Department inspector general report, which is still almost completely classified, nsa blow filed a Freedom of Information Act request seeking its declassification.

By earlyit had nsa blow to the attention nsz a young NSA contractor named Edward Snowden, who had surreptitiously collected nsa blow proof that the NSA had taken the very technology that Binney and nsa blow team had developed and turned it inward, on the American blpw. Most outrageously, the committee claimed that laws at the time provided protection for Snowden to blow the whistle through official channels.

Legal safeguards for contractors working for the NSA and other spy agencies existed in pilot form between grannies with younger men Skip to main content.

Congress has made no effort to investigate any of. Tweet Like Submit Share.