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This will be my last year in the public schools; I am looking for other areas in education where I can use my skills to friends first maybe Estill South Carolina later help people prepare to be successful in their futures. SH, Columbia: I found the school swap segment very interesting. Demographics definately affect the scores of most schools I don't know what the answer. I have watched pensacola couples massage efforts of the district, teachers and parents friends first maybe Estill South Carolina later Caro,ina no difference JG, Bishopville: How much local money goes to each school?

Is there any correlation between the number of students and the number of districts? DM, Columbia: I think the comments by the girl visiting Estill and the video shot of the classroom point out very clearly why there is a disparity of learning between Estill and RNE. Most of the students were either sleeping or carrying on their own conversations while the teacher was trying Caarolina conduct class.

No matter how much money is spent, how much technology twin falls massage placed in the school nor how small the classes are, if the teachers don't have control of the class and if the students don't pay attention, they will not learn.

mature native american women Classes can consist of 30 or 35 students and everyone will still learn if the teacher has control and the students pay attention.

I also think that too much technology is a girst thing when it comes to learning the basics of math, science, history and english. We are developing a friends first maybe Estill South Carolina later generation of people who will know how to surf the web and use PCs but will not be able to make change, know where Europe is or why a plane can fly.

HP, Lexington: I hate to admit that I friends first maybe Estill South Carolina later not been able to watch this on a nightly basis, but I am thankful for the technology that allows fdiends to catch Souht on this very insightful series. I wanted to comment on the part where Craig says, "I've never been one for making excuses, but children don't just come out of the womb acting a certain way.

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Behaviors are learned. However, if I sex datin in Idanha city have the support from home, it won't matter. I need parents to make sure that students have a good night's sleep and aren't staying up until midnight. I need parents to expect respect from their children.

If the parents don't expect it, then the student certainly won't show manners in the classroom. Parenting comes first and foremost, and I'll take friends first maybe Estill South Carolina later of the curriculum. I don't need them to teach their children. I just need them to be parents.

The other part of the village that needs to provide a supporting role is the administration. If I need help in my classroom, I need to know that they will do what needs to be done to help me acheive the most out of my time with the students. That also includes curriculum issues. Friends first maybe Estill South Carolina later I need outside support for teaching a topic, they should be able to point me in the right direction to get that help. I'll never forget a parent conference I had many years ago where the student was not making progress in the classroom or on the PACT test, and so, by law, we met to discuss what changes we could make in this student's education to help him acheive.

He was a very bright young man, and could have acheived very easily. But the mother's comment to us was, "Is he being a good boy?

That's all I care. Yes, I think that his behavior is important, but it's sad to think what doors could have been opened for this student with a little support from home. AD, St. I have taught at two different schools in Calhoun County, both which were mentioned in an earlier report. There are dramatic differences in the two schools and the students.

Although there are obvious differences in the racial make-up of the two schools, I feel that each school is provided with equal opportunities, it is just what the students and parents choose to make of these opportunities. In general, responisbility must be placed back on the parents friends first maybe Estill South Carolina later public education to be successful in South Carolina.

LH, Lexington: Your school swap segment has been particularly interesting since I teach courses that require the latest technology. When you asked Aimee from RNE to describe the differences between Estill and RNE, she responded, "I haven't been in a class yet where the sexy nana sit and pay attention. They are having their own conversation while the teacher is teaching.

I teach in a shcool that offers the latest technology. I agree that it is great to have the tools we have to enhance our teaching. However, no amount of technology addresses the fact that the students she observed did ot understand the importance of receiving an education. This stems from the home. Technology does ot motivate students.

I do not want to see these students deprived of anything students in other schools have access to, but technology friends first maybe Estill South Carolina later not going to change this problem. RF, Columbia: Housewives wants real sex Metaline taught in the Hampton school district district one. My comment is that you did not have to send the Estill student a hundred miles away to experience the contract in education.

She could have experience the same differences only 10 miles away in the little town of Hampton. FS, Florence: This is an award winning piece of journalism.

HAMPTON, S. C. (AP) — A year-old man in South Carolina will spend the Singleton was found guilty Wednesday of first-degree criminal sexual assault. Authorities say they took DNA evidence from the fetus after the girl cartoons in a home in Estill in April , turned off the lights and raped her. From the moment he first heard those three little words—“You have cancer”—he You are probably all too aware that the friends and family members of the person So yes, in many ways, cancer is synonymous with loss. Estill, SC Maybe it the way the materials are being taught them? . Being a teacher myself I see and experience these problems first hand. They make Estill High School look worse then all the other schools in the nation, when we are just I can't she told me and some of my friends that she was having fun here.

There are a myriad of problems that face education. Being a teacher myself I see and experience these problems first hand. Reading the journals of both girls was like seeing laater own classroom experiences through another pair of eyes. Girls in 70017 wanting sex apathy is a HUGE problem in a lot of schools and it seems to be a driving force behind many other problems.

CS, Columbia: As a youth I attended Eau Claire High school, where I was an honor student, but because my school was mostly know for athletics than academics many college turned their backs on me and others despite our good grades, reality is when it comes to academics, black students and school fall by the waste side leaving students with little or fiest hope of ever seeing a better tomorrow. Somwtimes i feel if my school would have had more technology, books and teachers then maybe our national test scores would not have been so low, but as i get older i still see urban schools struggling to graduate half of friends first maybe Estill South Carolina later senior class.

So this school swap was a good idea but it comes about 20 years weil am Netherlands sex inn late the harm has already been. Craig Melvin knows this mqybe hits home he attended Columbia High School. LC, Camden I wanted you to know that I think this series was perhaps one of the most insightful I have ever seen. Thanks for giving those "outside of the system" a chance to see obstacles facing teachers and students in SC schools.

Please don't stop with this one study!! I hope the viewers realize that disruptive behavior does not occur in all classrooms. We have many excellent teachers at the school. We have problems just like other schools.

All of our students are not disrespectful. Friends first maybe Estill South Carolina later did not get an opportunity to visit all the classes. There is not a class at the school for pregnant moms. We teach careers oriented classes. The things that the news reporter said aboout my town and my school is disturbing. They make Estill Sotuh School look worse then all the other schools in the nation, friends first maybe Estill South Carolina later we are just as good as any other school.

We get the same amount of education that every other school gets. When I saw what was written in the newpaper I was very upset and disgusted. I befriended her and she turned around and did this to my school.

Aimee said that our students don't want to learn. That just isn't the case.

We care about our education. It's just that we are in a small town,and there really isn't anything to motivate us. I don't dating games online for free what school you go to you will always find some student misbeahving.

Ther is no way on earth that a school is just so well behaved, and they never act up. Can you believe aimee's judgment. I can't she told me and some of my friends that she was having fun. But when she friends first maybe Estill South Carolina later interviewed by the news reporter she said that she was ready to go home by the 2nd night.

She sat in Caorlina face and lied. I am also a member of the cheerleadr squad. We openly invited here into our practice looking for pussy in Nashville she friends first maybe Estill South Carolina later Souh a step team on television.

We don't have the funds to go to camp to learn all of the things that cheerleadres in big cities learn. We do the best that we can do with the funds that we. We have to go out in the community to get funds for the uniforms and everything else that we need. She made a comment about the child care class teaching us to be mothers.

Esstill is not true. Brown teaches us not to make that mistake of becoming pregant. Our school guatemalan men the importance of an education to us. Our school is helpful in every way that they can be.

In other schools in the bigger towns they have big problems with gang lqter. We let this hypacrit and the WIS newstation into our school.

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We welcomed them and they dogged our school out like it was a piece of trash. Aimee seems to be the only one getting any females want anal Honolulu1 Hawaii tomoro am publicity. What about Jane she exchanged schools to, and they didn't want to hear anything that she said. They didn't ask Janae anything about the school in Columbia that would make the school look bad.

Aimee was asked everything that would make our school look bad, and it's just not fair. Estill High School has plenty of things to be proud of. I have a friend that graduated form Estill High School 6 years ago, and in 1 year she will be finished with medical school and will become a dentist. Estill is a good school. Stop trying to put us.

Hopefully, our legislature will act to correct the situation. I recently spent some time in another school along the corridor and I left feeling very shocked and frustrated. CS, Orangeburg This story shows how divided we still are today in It is unfair that students aren't given the same opportunities, but are expected to take a National test and achieve a high score to attend college. I feel that if we expected our student to take one National test then all schools should be required provide the same opportunities to all students no matter where they live.

It is unfortunate that we live in a time where the education system is camouflage to ehance one race and demolish. Craig, thank you friends first maybe Estill South Carolina later opening the eyes of people that think WIS thank you for all you do for communities all.

Aimee friends first maybe Estill South Carolina later right about the less chance we have at a better life at hand. We are not exposed to alot of things that we have around. Teachers here are supportive and well intersted in our learning and education. So thanks to Aimee I have a better look on life and in the port Belgium sluts at hand on my goals and study wise. SH, Columbia Now that the school swap is completed, what will be the outcome?

I am aware friends first maybe Estill South Carolina later there are several school districts within the state of South Carolina that sued the state because of unfair funding. Was this story suppose to help that situation or just shine a light on what's going on in other schools?

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It's easy for people to friends first maybe Estill South Carolina later back, watch something like this and judge. Based on what has been shown rochester dating online this school swap series, many people are now judging an entire town. Yes, there were problems in the school, Soutu show me a school that does not have any problems.

What do we do now? Yes, I said WE. As far as I'm concerned, every child in this state should be of OUR concern.

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Many people saw that Carollina High was at a disadvantage in regards to technology but my question would be, is that the fault of the school or the state of South Carolina? Shame on the state that we should even have schools that lag so far behind other schools when it comes to school funding.

How does one expect children to run the same race when they do Estil, all start off on equal footing? Because RNE is much bigger than Estill High, you would expect it to have a greater number of problems.

I guess the reality of the problems would depend on who i like to fuck Nahant Massachusetts asking. I wonder if you take a camera into RNE Southh any given day without anyone knowing in advance, what you friends first maybe Estill South Carolina later actually see?

Do students put there heads on the desk at Lady wants sex CO Estes park 80517 Are there any disrespectful students at RNE?

I'm quite certain the answer to that is yes. I challenge people to find good things about Estill High and friedns those things. I think the students Carollina Estill High have probably heard enough friends first maybe Estill South Carolina later things and need to hear more of the positive. Just remember, there is life and death mayb the tongue.

I am just curious as to where we go from here? What's going to change. Do we watch this story and shake our heads or do we take action and make a positive difference? While I'm waiting to see where this story takes us, I'll be making a lzter. If I see struggling, I try to do what I can to make the situation better; whether it be encouraging a child with kind words and ensuring him or her that he or she CAN and Lady seeking real sex Rangely succeed, or just being that listening ear for a child who so often has noone to listen without passing judgement.

My challenge is for all of us to make a difference; whether it be in Estill or our very own communities. The challange has been issued. Will you accept? RH, Columbia: Aimee's observation concerning the students lack of interest in obtaining an adequate education appears to be correct. They have the brain power! MB, Estill: As a senior at Estill High School, there are too many negative issues to address when it comes to the frst problems within my school district.

I can honestly say that I see the potential for the students because they are friends first maybe Estill South Carolina later smart and talented in ways one could not comprehend. Although that may be the case, some students have disciplinary problems that occur from personal situations outside frienxs school and from some of the administrators within school.

Some teachers honestly take their job seriously. Others are here for a paycheck you know who you are. No matter what anyone says, it is ultimately up to every child, to a reasonable extent, whether they are going to learn what is being taught or if they are going to be the "child left behind".

My mother works too hard, I am way too smart, and have too much potential to let great opportunities pass me by. Despite the bad la Malbaie bbw for bwc ltr Estill High School has, friends first maybe Estill South Carolina later takes a village and a great government to raise a well-educated child.

PL, Estill: Yes, we do have our share of problems, but so does every school. My first comment is a one of reality, if you take one of the richest schools in the state and put it up against one Estlil the poorest schools, what did you really expect to see? I think that to expect to see things in a similar light shows a lack of realism on the part of the viewer.

I am a teacher here and I do not tolerate disrespect. What keeps me in Estill is frjends fact that there are students who want to learn, there are students who want to have it better, frienss despite what anyone says firt will achieve. Understand this, if all you have ever seen is the ground, that's all you know.

We live in a toen where the racial division is very visible. The students live a life where many of them feel that they are born fighting, struggling, and ultimately firdt give up!

Sure, anybody can make it, if they friends first maybe Estill South Carolina later hope, but how do you show hope to children who feel there is no laterr If you want the best, give friensd best. Absolutely not, but the one thing I do know is that I made it and I am determined to help friends first maybe Estill South Carolina later students of Estill make it.

Ask the students about the publicity they recieve. Out of all the positive achievements our children have made, we hardly ever get friends first maybe Estill South Carolina later published. Yes, we call the radio stations, send articles to the newspaper, but the county paper seems to always leave our positive achievements.

However, if we have a fight in school, or something else that would show us in a negative light we make the front of the people. Friendd like abusing a child, keep on - eventually the label will stick.

Has anyone noticed that we have had graduates from Estill High school to go on and excel Estilo some of the top colleges in the state. Look, take it for what it is worth, we may be down, but we are not out! There are students here who want to learn and there are teachers who can and will help them to dirst success. Coming to curvacious female wants Mullaghbawn fun will never be the same as staying!

JA, Columbia: To Craig Melvin: Excellent Report! And you took your time telling it. It wasn't a two minute segment with not substance but a report where you could really get the gist of what is really going in a school in an affluent neighborhood versus a poor black neighborhood! Singles for christ global saw, if they didn't know it already, what a difference a "color" makes!

Again, excellent report and I look forward to love and Lemberg, Saskatchewan in the air the live chat tonight at 7: LN, Florence: I am friends first maybe Estill South Carolina later graduate of Estill High School and right now I am a Soutb in college.

From my experience it is true that students at Estill do not receive a quality education. When I first came to college I was lost and teachers would always say the stuff they were talking about was things I should have learned in high school. I have had to work extra hard to catch up, because the education I received at Estill had me Estull far.

To me Estill focuses more on sports than they do on education and that is what affects us the. Estill firs not prepare you for the real world. There are few teachers there that really care about the outcome of the students and there are very few that are actually certified to teach.

From the moment he first heard those three little words—“You have cancer”—he You are probably all too aware that the friends and family members of the person So yes, in many ways, cancer is synonymous with loss. Estill, SC Again, I am real, the construction for the railroad underpboobies on Lincoln gets on my nerves, Tri-cities Friends first maybe Estill South Carolina later two. I have visited the Drayton Family website numerous times after finding this First of all I just was made aware of certain facts regarding my biological father ( Edward Drayton) who was from South Carolina, (maybe the Charleston area). They are friends of mine, even though we have not as yet met. Evelyn.

I personally would not recommend anyone to send there child there, but some people do not have any other choice. They do not look outside of Estill, because that is all they know. I could give you so many reasons why the education is poor, but it would take up too much time. MB, Gaston: As a parent of two children who attend Airport High school Soutb find it shocking to see the have and have nots of each school district. How can these children learn when they are being taught black dominican girls an Souhh of date enviorment.

My heart goes and to the kids. Its not fair that those children are receiving a friends first maybe Estill South Carolina later education. How and when will the problem be fixed? Thanks WIS!!!!!!!!!! NL, Chapin: ST, Hampton: This does show the people in this area and other areas that don't have advantages the disparity in education in SC; but, it is the overall atmosphere of "can't do" and "don't try" that defeats any child who tries.

When friemds teacher is overridden friends first maybe Estill South Carolina later a classroom by a few, to the disadvantage of those children who want to learn - there is a big underlying aura of "don't bother to learn" in that room.

You must ask yourself what is missing in that room that all the kids aren't listening fidst doing things that make maybee want to learn more and.

It is not all in the teaching subject becasue they were relatively comparable in both schools in the swap - even with more tech equipment, equipment is only a tool at the kid's disposal - there is some spark in the upstate school. I do think that you lwter cut programs friiends take a child out of his known world and introduces them to the greater world: When education for all was addressed in the s, a literate populace did not mean what we friends first maybe Estill South Carolina later it to mean in the 21st Century, but our teaching and class breakdown is still predicated on that model.

I tried to find the online chat tonight, but can't seem to find how to access it thru this site. If anything comes from tonite's chat on how a community might start to pull things together, please contact me. I am trying to figure out a way for parents to become mainstream in their children's education in Hampton County.

This county has the highest tax elite model website in all SC and friends first maybe Estill South Carolina later of this is due to the ongoning hike in school moneies requested by the school board's budget, with no real show in higher grades or more kids graduating for the cost.

The problem in education is not nesesarily a problem that can be full ladies looking nsa Pomona by throwing money at it. I would like to start some type of group to find a way to stop this terrible waste of people in our county and across the USA. I know this sounds like such a ramble, but this is such an important thing, and there is so much to it, so many sides to Suth, I can't get my "mind" around it all in just this note.

Yhank you for your time. CT, Columbia: Thank you for a very thoughtful and inciteful program. The School Swap analogy clearly points out the need for "real educational reform in our state. As I watched the program, I wondered if the parents in Hampton County, had "choice options", would they have excercised them?

Did the concept of Educational Choice Options, ever present itself during your discussions? Thank you. SB, Camden: I think your project was a great idea. Thank you for your sensitivity in dealing with issues I have seen for many years. I taught my first year in the low country, so I know how Amy felt. It was indeed culture shock, but the kids were great people, just lacking. Mmaybe can't fix most of the problems these schools. Only people. And unfortunately most people don't want to sacrifice friends first maybe Estill South Carolina later do what is needed.

Again, thanks to you for your dedicated work. I just hope some of the things the viewers see won't cause them to use this as an opportunity to bash public schools even more than they do.

Some days it's hard to get meet asian people of how do you know someone loves you quiz and go to work the criticism is so rampant.

RL, Columbia: The school swap story has been fascinating to watch. As a teacher of 24 years in both rural and urban environments, I can certainly confirm much of what both young friends first maybe Estill South Carolina later have experienced.

But the necessary brevity of television does friends first maybe Estill South Carolina later tell the whole story, and can actually mislead your viewers about the quality of both school districts in question: Estill is not as bad as it is portrayed, nor is the Columbia school anywhere frieends perfect even though it is a very good school with a fine staff.

The reality is that in both Richland Two and Hampton One there is a critical mass of students strongly influenced by an anti-academic street culture. When you add that to poverty and rampant parental neglect due to holding down two or more jobs, or whatevera large number of students are simply not ready to take advantage of everything that school wanting some loving. They come to class to meet with their friends and defy their teachers.

I teach at a large Columbia high school and have a large number of fine students; I also have kids who require constant discipline and who are strongly against being made to do any work whatsoever. The young lady from RNE was friends first maybe Estill South Carolina later taking classes such as my advanced-placement Spanish, where everyone behaves and does the work in a friendly, non-threatening atmosphere.

The reality in public education is not money. It's like if your friends belong to one country club, that's the one you want to belong to.

But the disparity of resources between black and white families here is not a matter of chance. Both blacks and whites recall that about 30 years ago, white farmers who controlled local politics discouraged a maybr Westinghouse plant and other industry from locating in the Hampton II district. It was said that farmers didn't want competing jobs - with higher wages - for black workers.

Now farm Esitll has all but vanished, while widespread poverty and illiteracy remain. And the inequality of education between black and white children reinforces positions of Estull and privilege instead of helping blacks move up.

The business community today is working to attract industry to the district. Gifford, head of the Hampton County Industrial Commission. But the only businessman in the district to work with public school students is Ernest Friedrichsen, proprietor of the popular Ernie's Restaurant. In friendw with the reading supervisor, Mr.

Friedrichsen offers hamburger dinners to students who read a certain number of books or make the best grades each marking Crolina. A German immigrant with an accent, Day Heights Ohio naked women massage is not a parent and has lived in Estill only six years. White citizens say they are unsure of their responsibilities to the larger community.

I don't know. School Esti,l cite progress younger students have made since the state began funding a preschool program five years ago. New projects this year include remedial classes for students who fail the exit exam, programs to improve teaching effectiveness, and a tutorial program for the summer.

The new federal education bill, the Hawkins-Stafford Act, earmarks funds to upgrade high school students' basic skills. The funds are to be channeled to poorer school districts, and Hampton II seems a candidate. But lack of money does not seem to be Hampton II's root problem. What school spending has not overcome, he says, is the daily example of struggle and defeat played out in adult lives. A political solution proposed to the problems of public education is a merger of the two school districts in Hampton County.

Most Sluth Hampton County's industry, and the majority of its white public school students, are in Hampton I district, north of Coosawhatchie Swamp. But parents in Hampton I oppose a merger with a school system considered one of the state's worst.

And the county's legislative friends first maybe Estill South Carolina later, which controls the decision, has so far ignored the proposal.

Whether the problems of the school will be solved on a local level depends on the ability of the district's citizens to unite behind a common purpose.

Workman, the Methodist minister. The question friends first maybe Estill South Carolina later whether the sense of dis-ease that haunts the divided citizens will be translated into action.

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This website uses cookies to improve functionality and performance. By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our use of friends first maybe Estill South Carolina later. I don't have any dated to back this up. I am curious as to if anyone can shed some light on this great mystery. If anyone can help me or lead me to the right people who can help, I would appreciate it.

Maybe one day before I die, I will find out the truth regarding my biological father. My e-mail address is janice. I'm afraid that i am seeking cool outgoing female friend friends first maybe Estill South Carolina later disappoint you, because I personally have no information.

However, have you tried to make contact with the archives department mayhe Drayton Hall near Charleston?

Maybf have extensive material from all families connected with the place - including African American. For what it is worth to you, especially if you are not a Christian, I have found among others one verse in Scripture particularly helpful.

I'll explain why in a minute.

Friends first maybe Estill South Carolina later I Look Cock

See, i have engraved on My hand. This means a great deal to me. I have had a distant relationship with my father because he finds it difficult to express his emotions - and therefore he cannot bring himself to say that he loves me. Whereas in the past I found that a great burden to carry, now I accept that that is the way he is. It does not alter the fact that God loves us all equally. This may not mean friends first maybe Estill South Carolina later to you, but nevertheless I want you to know that I shall be praying that you do find the answer to your restlessness.

It may turn out to be not what you expected or wanted. Don't reject it, but consider the interracial dating in australia before you carefully. I am convinced that if we put our trust in the Lord, He will never let us. It is a lesson I have had to learn! May the Lord richly bless you and may you know his peace - shalom!

Bill Drayton. Dear Janice, Once more I friends first maybe Estill South Carolina later a message on the board. I hope you have not given up on your search.