Focus on Self Esteem – Prayer

Dear God,

Is low self esteem a sin? Is it a crime to feel that I am worthless, unloveable, unattractive, unable and stupid? If I ask some of my family and friends that do not think its a crime to feel this way – actually they agree with this very same line of thinking. Truth be told they are the ones that have been thinking this way in the first place. I’ve felt down on my self since before I can even remember! I never questioned the way I felt about myself, wel I took for granted that the way I thought was the truth. No one ever told me different.

But the more I spend time with you, think about you, look at all that you created I begin to wonder – is it a sin for me to truly believe that out of all your creations I am the lowest and worst of all. I struggle with this Lord and come to you in prayer.

I want to feel good about myself Father. I want to feel loved. Please show me how.


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