Our Journey

You may be at a cross roads in life or stuck in the middle between a state of fear, anxiety and pain and a state of peace, stability and love. You may know your destination but are unable to get there because you are struggling to get through some issues that are stopping you from moving forward. Maybe it is your fear of the unknown, hatred, anger, negative expectations or your unwillingness to let go of the past. Well Survivor Today Magazine is a specialized support network dedicated to connecting you to the resources, people, and tools you need to make a successful breakthrough.

Your focus influences your journey. For example if your focus is on the past, your journey may be just as slow and uncomfortable as is walking backwards everywhere you go. Similarly, if you are looking to the left or right, which is being very concerned with what others think of you or with what others are doing, then you may run into a few dangerous situations. Or imagine holding your head down as you walk because you are filled with sadness, self-hatred, guilt or condemnation. Well, because your vision is limited and your expectations are so low, you will miss out on anything  positive that may be surrounding you.

But if you focus on what is above, you are much more likely to reach your goals. Survivor Today Magazine is your source for Christ inspired direction. We trust that Jesus is the way, the truth and the life (John 14:6) and that if he can help Peter walk on water (Matthew 14:29) then he is very able to help each survivor get through the issues presented by childhood sexual abuse.  Remember, the goal of each survivor is to move from a place of pain  to a place of love and that your focus doesn’t just determine if you arrive at this destination but  who you meet along the way.


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