Share Your Story

Undoubtedly you’ve been through a storm. Adult Survivors of CSA have experienced or are experiencing struggles in many areas of life including self esteem, health, relationships and drugs and alcohol. Unfortunately, the trauma of child hood abuse can follow on into adulthood. But for those that have experienced victory and a breakthrough  – one thing is for sure – YOU DIDN’T DO IT ALONE.

Think about all of the victories you have experienced.  Foremost, You are alive!! Have you ended a dangerous and volatile relationship when others thought that you were doomed? Are you happily married now? Perhaps you graduated high school or earned your GED when the odds were against you. Do you live with joy, purpose and love today? Do you feel a desire to encourage another struggling with a painful past.

Well share your story.  Don’t hold back.  Consider yourself qualified. True, you may not be where you want to be –but you aren’t where you used to be – but someone else is. The person you are today is not the person you were yesterday. You’ve grown and there is no better way to give back  but to share the victories you’ve experienced.

Why not share your story – the power of your testimony could save someone’s life.

What’s stopping you – fear and/or inexperience? Rest assured. The editorial staff at Survivor Today are patient and purposeful. No inspirational story will be rejected. Don’t worry about grammar or proper spelling – we want to hear from you! We get it! The point is to get your story published and read by other Survivors.

Remember, your testimony is the most powerful thing you have to give another Survivor. And know that while you are helping someone else you are also helping yourself – as you are also healing and letting go of the past.

We are not able to compensate you for your story.


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