About Us

Childhood sexual abuse has the potential to inflict serious harm lasting throughout adulthood. The trauma weakens and tries to destroy the very core of the survivor. It places a strain on the survivor’s self esteem causing self doubt and creating a low sense of self worth. It also creates an unstable foundation for building  safe relationships. Eventually, and far too often, adults learn unhealthy coping mechanisms like drinking and drug use that exacerbate, not alleviate, the cycle of pain and abuse.

Survivor Today was created by and for adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse. Windy Brooks, an adult survivor of CSA,  created the magazine as a way to make the resources, tools and support readily accessible to survivors . The magazine will create a network – a network every survivor will need to grow beyond the bondage the abuse can create. Adults survivors often continue to struggle because the code of silence is not broken. Unfortunately, as this misconception continues, survivors falsely believe that they are alone. Survivor Today is a platform for the survivor to speak out, connect with other survivors and access recovery tools. The magazine can be thought of as a network in which survivors feel an overall sense of hope and a sense of community.


There are resources and information available to the survivor today. The purpose of Survivor Today is to link survivors with this information and that this information is readily available and centrally located. We seek not only to connect survivors with information but also to connect survivors with mentors. Survivor Today is the starting point for mentors to register and for mentees to partner with a Survivor Mentor. Survivor today ultimately provides a platform for survivors to speak out and to pose questions to a variety of providers.  We also seek to encourage healthy behaviors.

Most importantly, our purpose is to facilitate the most important relationship in the recovery process – the relationship between the survivor and our Holy Father through his son Jesus Christ. We know that only this relationship will meet the spiritual needs of the survivor and can fulfill the longing desires survivors often try to fill in detrimental ways. Survivor Today boldly stands on the Word of God that states that through this relationship their need for love, acceptance, a family, truth, validation, confirmation, strength, hope and  protection are guaranteed to be met. Our foundation stands on a three fold foundation of praise, prayer and faith.


The mission of Survivor Today is to provide educational material, resources and support to adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse and their families. The material is intended to assist survivors with their treatment options, explain the healing process, and to facilitate recovery. Finally, the mission includes offering survivors and the related community a platform to speak out about survivorship.


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