Ask a Sex Abuse Survivor – An Interactive One Man Show

Michael Broussard is a survivor of childhood sexual abuse. His abuse was at the hands of a trusted guardian, his stepfather.

The resulting trauma and long lasting effects of the experience have colored every part of his life. Every relationship, friendship or romance, has been informed and shaped by the mental and emotional impacts of the abuse.

Like many survivors, he struggles daily with panic attacks, post traumatic stress disorder, depression, and a host of other challenges.

With this show, he hopes to reach out to fellow survivors and their friends and families, to share stories, perspectives, comments, and questions, and thus come to a better understanding of the issues surrounding childhood sexual abuse and its aftermath.

In his one-man show Ask a Sex Abuse Survivor, Michael Broussard tells the story of a childhood lost to abuse—and rediscovered decades later.

Throughout the performance, audience members are encouraged to share their own experiences, ask questions and offer up comments. Thus, Ask a Sex Abuse Survivor provides a unique opportunity for an open, interactive dialogue on the effects and causes of abuse.

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