Survivors Chat – Working Together & Moving Forward

Mission Statement

Our mission is to help every survivor be their own greatest success in life; to give every survivor the strength and power to battle their life’s hardships. Our mission is to offer solidarity and kinship in every survivor’s hour of need; to make the lonely survivor a thing of the past. We work to dispel myths and increase education of the facts about abuse and rape worldwide.

Why We’re Here

Our goal is to be a helping hand in every survivor’s journey to recovery. While each survivor takes control of their own life, Survivors Chat seeks to be a source of support and encouragement; empowerment and courage, every step of the way. We are here to ensure that no survivor is left behind.


Since February 14, 2006, Survivors Chat has provided a voice for thousands of survivors of rape and abuse. We have been a listening ear, a source of advice, a place of comfort and familiarity for the countless individuals who have walked through our doors. We have seen many changes and have changed along with them. Today, we continue to strive to be the gentle hand on the shoulder of every survivor who has chosen to seek help.

Help Us Out

We all need a little help with our journey. All resources here are provided, with great pleasure, free of charge, but we do have some small operating costs. If you feel up to it, you can help us out by making a donation. Any amount is amazingly appreciated!


Survivors Chat – Working together and moving forward


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