The Five W’s of the Tambourines Project

The Tambourines Project Mission Statement:

You deserve to be happy.

You deserve to be healthy.

You deserve to be safe.

You deserve to be whole.

You deserve to be heard.

Who: You, me, all of us! I asked my mom what it was like when I told her of my abuse in 2008 and she described it as, “a thousand tambourines unearthing the dark.” We all are tambourines.
What:  The Tambourines Project is a one-time scholarship fund established by Elizabeth Lamar to provide education, assistance and training to facilitators of the Stewards of Children program. The program is created by Darkness to Light, a nonprofit organization with the mission to empower people to prevent child sexual abuse.  Funds raised through efforts of the Tambourines Project will be granted to an advocacy group serving the Atlanta, Georgia community.
When: July 31, 2014 – August 22, 2014
Where:  Online at
Why: As a survivor, I know abuse makes you feel alone. No one should feel that way. I want other survivors to know there are people and places out there to help us feel whole again. And I want adults to know they have the power to make their community safe for all children.  
HowFollow my blog by email at; if you have a publication/blog/website, host a spot for my blog tour or interview; download Thousand Tambourines eBook from my blog July 31-August 22; share my blog FB page with your contacts; contact me at to become a part of the conversation.



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