Nice to Meet Me

C.K. Carlton – Nice to Meet Me – One Man’s Journey Through Therapy for Sexual Abuse


In the United States alone, there are almost twenty million men who experienced unwanted sexual abuse before the age of eighteen. One in every six men. Consequently, these men are forced to go through life managing the horrors of their past, while society as a whole avoids the issue.

This book lifts the veil on the damage it causes, and the struggle it takes for men to manage the surfacing memories after years of suppressing the abuse.
This is a walk with one man, Chris Carlton, a former collegiate athlete, U.S. Navy Intelligence Officer, and advertising executive, as he stops trying to prove his worth, and starts repairing his past; all while desperately trying to salvage his future.

You will be given a seat next to him in the therapy office, to watch his truth unravel, his pain surface, and his walls crumble. You will see him start to connect the dots of his past, and start to find his footing, until ultimately; he connects with the innocent boy he left behind.

Nice To Meet Me shows us that recovering from sexual abuse is undeniable with hard work and determination. This book is a candid, inspirational story of self-discovery and persistence that should be read by anyone looking to recover from traumatic memories, and for loved ones wishing to better understand someone struggling with their past.



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