Trees of Hope – Protecting the Future, Healing the Past

Trees of Hope is committed to healing the wounds of sexual abuse and equipping communities to safeguard their children.

Did you know that one in four girls and one out of every six boys have been sexually abused? 90% of these children are abused by someone they know and 65% do not tell their parents. Every child is at risk and every parent should be informed.

Who We Are
Trees of Hope is a survivor led ministry founded by Dee Proietto in 2008. The purpose of the Trees of Hope team is to educate parents, schools, and churches on ways to prevent sexual abuse and to provide relevant resources and support for those who have been hurt by this epidemic in our society. They focus on making our community a safer place for children and a more difficult environment for sexual predators.

The advocates of Trees of Hope know from personal experience how painful the wounds of sexual abuse can be and have seen that victims of abuse can greatly benefit from support and healing. Trees of Hope is committed to equipping others to help stop sexual abuse.

Prevention Workshops: Discover practical ways to stop sexual abuse before it affects a child in your life. Each workshop is designed to provide helpful tools and resources to parents and child care providers as they safeguard their children.

Small Group Study: This small group setting can help you begin your journey from victim, to survivor, to “thriver.” We offer a safe and intimate small group setting and work through a 10 week study guide. Everything discussed in the group is confidential. Freedom from shame begins when you take the first step.

Resources and Community Outreach: We provide referral services, helpful educational materials, support groups, and Biblical counseling for those who have been affected by sexual abuse.


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