Joyce Meyer Explains How to Trust God When You Don’t Understand

Joyce asks – why did my dad abuse me for almost 15 years and I prayed to be delivered – did God hear me?

Joyce concluded

Although God didn’t get me out of the situation, He gave me strength and He built something in me that He is now using to help people all over the world. For years Joyce was bitter because she didn’t understand. And then finally she thought what I will do is this:


I will let God take this evil thing and work something good out of it.

She says to not let the enemy ruin your life because something happened to you that seems unfair and unjust that you don’t understand. God will take what you have and make something wonderful out of it!

This video is for those of us with the following questions:

  • Why Did that happen?
  • When will “it” happen
  • Why God Why, When God When

Key Verses

John 20:29

Job 9:5-8

Daniel  4:35

Important Points of the Video:

How can we be content?

  • We must be comfortable with not knowing
  • Realize even when things don’t seem fair – we still trust God and know that He is in control

What about those people that believe and don’t understand and believe? That can’t wrap your mind around what happen, but still believe and trust God

  • We are very blessed
  • Its one thing to say you believe and have your faith tested and still believe

God is a mystery

  • His ways are beyond us
  • If we knew everything He knows can we still call Him God
  • His thoughts are above ours

What does God really want to hear?

  • God I trust you
  • I know you loveme
  • My life is in your hands
  • I know all things work together for my good because I love you

Let’s not forget that God is:

  • Awesome
  • Mighty
  • All powerful
  • That we are to have reverential  fear for God
  • There is nothing He can’t do
  • There is nothing He doesn’t  know
  • There is never a place that we are that He is not
  • We can’t hide anything from Him
  • He knows our thought before we think them, every word before we speak
  • He knows our days before there was any one of them

There will always be things in our lives that we don’t have answers to

  • Trust always requires having some unanswered questions in your life

There is nothing wrong with asking God “why” once or twice why but when you begin to get confused – slow down because God is not the author of confusion.

Say This:

  • God strengthen me for this Journey going straight forward through to your will ….not doubting…not demanding answers I don’t have….I trust you
  • Blessed are those who believe and still have not seen the answer that they are looking and don’t understand

Serve God with your HEART. When you have questions in your mind – serve Him by believing in your Heart! There may be a disagreement – but let the Heart rule. Stop thinking. Stop trying to figure everything out. Don’t spend too much time in your brain – just believe that God is in control

Trade your questions for TRUST



Make a choice – it’s time to let go of what you don’t understand, get rid of the rift between you and God, that’s blocking the best relationship that He wants you to have with Him and trust God totally, and believe that even though you don’t understand what has happened to you that it doesn’t change the character of God. God is good, just, righteous, Holy and He loves you more than you can begin to know.

No matter what you have experienced so far, know that God has a good plan for your life and you are going to experience that Good Plan!

Make a Commitment

I will enjoy what Jesus died to give me. Jesus purchased my freedom. I will not live miserable and confused. I will be content. I will accept that there are things I don’t understand

So What Do You Do

When you have questions that you cannot answer: Purposely put your trust in God and not Man believing that there is nothing for God to do


There is one comment

  1. Pam White

    I would love to have whatever free books you can send me. I’m unable to send money to you, my husband is blind our money isn’t much but I love the word. I watch Joyce Meyer as often as I can if I’m not having things to do for my husband or household things I’m watching her but I would love to have whatever you could send me. Joyce helps me in my situation so much, her word lift’s me up when I’m down, there are times I’m so depressed I don’t know which way I’m going, but if Joyce is on I’ll watch her. I just want to know more. If you could help me I would appreciate it so much. Thank you and God bless you all.

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