Top Three Questions Every Survivor Wants Answered

Was the abuse my fault?
Abused children can never be at fault for the actions of another. In contrast, children to a great extent, rely on adults to protect, love and teach them and to provide for them. Many Survivors think that because they didn’t tell another adult when the abuse was actually happening that that somehow means that they wanted the abuse. These are all lies. Children can’t control another person and children often don’t tell about the abuse because they are scared and confused. Abusers know that children are powerless and scared and actually use these childlike characteristics to manipulate their victims and shame them into keeping silent. Abuse starts in the mind. Abusers want children to feel responsible so that they can take the focus off of themselves.

Why was I molested?
Unfortunately there are some people that are attracted to children and or derive fulfillment from manipulating and controlling other people especially weak people and this includes children. These people are called pedophiles and they have a mental illness. Child molesters are very careful to seek out children to abuse. They are very cunning and manipulative. They can also be extremely charming. Many families never suspect abuse because the abusers come across as very kind and loving towards children. Children are innocent victims that are manipulated by abusers that they usually trust.

Am I normal?
You are beautiful, powerful and resilient and you survived for a reason. God created you and gave you an identify. If you want to know who you are then ask God. If you turn to His word you will find that you are God’s masterpiece. You are special to Him. He longs to be with you and to love you. No one or no situation can change who you are. You are who God says you are. We all must learn to see ourselves as He sees us. To Him – you are powerful, you are loved and you are His child!


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