He Heard My Cry

he heard my cry largerOn November 9, 2013 The Women’s Fellowship Ministry at The Body of Christ Church in Raleigh hosted the Fall 2013 Purpose Driven Women Tour presented by EWATE (Empowered Women Accountable To Each Other). This is a wonderful display of women from all backgrounds coming together to support and encourage one another. Attendees witnessed and engaged in inspiring presentations and activities created to ignite the passion within that propels us to live on purpose. Please visit EWATE’s website and follow them on Facebook to learn more about this awesome group of women.

I am so thrilled that I attended the event yesterday as I learned of yet two more Survivors that have healed through Christ and are now living their dreams out each day. One of those women is Donne Hedgepeth. Ms. Hedgepeth is an author and is the founder of the non profit organization Helping Children Heal. In speaking with Ms. Hedgepeth I learned yet again just how amazing God is. Within one year of being laid off from her job Ms. Hedgepeth has grown to be a mature advocate for the safety and protection of children and for the healing of adult Survivors of child sexual abuse.

Currently Ms. Hedgepeth is actively involved in our cause. She speaks to children in our community in hopes that upon hearing her story and presentation that they will come forward and disclose any type of abuse that they are experiencing. She also promotes her book and participates in women’s conferences as a vendor. She hands out pertinent information on sexual abuse and is very open and willing to talk about her experience and about healing through Christ with all that stop by her booth.

I purchased her book yesterday “He Heard My Cry” and I can’t wait to read it. Please look out for more information on this powerful young lady here at Survivor Today Magazine! It is no doubt that she has a wealth of information to share about living on purpose, writing and publishing your story and creating a non profit organization!

Congratulations Donne Hedgepeth you are a Phenomenal Survivor!


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