God Can Heal a Broken Heart

Several weeks ago I shared my story of heart break from having a family torn apart by abuse in an article entitled “How I Survived Mother’s Day – and Escaped Heart Break on Father’s Day”. I explained that the devastating aftermath of CSA had left my mother and I estranged and that Mother’s Day was always painful for me.  At times I missed my mother terribly and longed to hear from her. But I eventually learned to deal with the pain. It has not been easy for me. But through prayer and God’s grace, once I truly began to heal, I began to pray for her with the understanding that she is in pain too. I also realized that my entire family was suffering. So I embarked on a mission that prayer and faith would restore our relationship.

Well, I am so relieved that my mother contacted me about two weeks ago. When I answered her call I was so thrilled. I was so grateful that she called that all I could do was tell her how much I loved and missed her. We talked about family and reconnecting. I could tell that she felt as relieved and humbled as I was to reconnect and that she was a little shocked that I had such a loving attitude. It is not that I don’t love my mother, I don’t think she is surprised that I love her, but I am sure she wondered why I didn’t question why she had rejected me and why I chose to be kind and loving. Well that is the grace of God.

I am so thankful to God for his blessings because not only did she call but she also flew to North Carolina to visit my family and I for the weekend last week! We were all very surprised. We all came together to welcome her. My 25 year old nephew, who is in the Air Force, and his wife and two children, also drove in from Ohio to visit. My sister and her husband and daughters also came over. So our weekend was full of love and for once in a very long time we were all together in fact, my mother has never met two of my children and either of her great grandchildren. I was so honored to be the host of this family reunion and to serve four generations of my family. I know that I could not have served with grace and kindness without God’s love and strength. It truly was a pleasure to be a vessel for God’s will.

It is amazing what can happen with prayer and faith. It is also incredible what can happen when you forgive yourself and others. I know that I can not change the past and every moment is precious because I don’t know how long I will have my loved ones with me.

I share my story with you in hopes that you too will be encouraged and comforted knowing that God’s love and grace is waiting for you, that God answers prayers and that God can heal a broken heart.


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