Be a Happiness Advocate

1394380_685716751439538_66807511_nLife can be both difficult and busy. As adults, we have responsibilities: jobs, chores, children to take care of and the list goes on and on. On top of all of that, we have to take care of ourselves – and that can be an enormously huge task. Why? Because we often put ourselves on the bottom of the list because, guess what, we are too busy. But one of the best ways to treat your self kindly is to inspire others. That’s right, when we share joy, love and happiness we ultimately lift our own spirits. The challenge is to find interesting ways to become this phenomenal Happiness Advocate. Well I learned how Missy Steffens in my own neighborhood of Raleigh, North Carolina is doing just this. While reading the Oprah Newsletter today, I learned how Missy spreads joy to others: through inspirational messages she draws on her sidewalk for her neighbors and other passer-bys to see. She calls the messages the Sidewalk Revoultion. I love this! Here’s the link to the article and to the Sidewalk Revolution Facebook page. Enjoy:


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