101 Reasons the Adult Survivor of Child Sexual Abuse should SPEAK UP today!

1. Because Adults Survivors should not have to get through the trauma alone.
2. Survivors deserve support.
3. Adult Survivors of CSA are at risk for suicide – speaking up could save your life or even someone elses.
4. Reporting abuse could stop the abuser from abusing another child.
5. Tommorow is not promised.
6. When we are quiet about abuse we give the impression that abuse is not important – when we speak up we let others know that we have rights and deserve treatment.
7. To be free to live life on your own terms.
8. Because it is the right thing to do.
9. To get help for depression.
10. To allow other Survivors to help us.
11. Our country’s legal system owes the community to protect us from predators.
12. Children deserve to be safe in their homes.
13. Parents need resources to help deal with this issue.
14. When we talk to God we allow Him the opportunity to love and guide us through the pain.
15. No one’s pain should be ignored.
16. This is not a private issue – this is a public travesty.
17. To break the cycle of abuse.
18. To be free from guilt and shame – we have nothing to be ashamed about – we didn’t do anything wrong.
19. Survivors deserve to be happy.
20. Child Sexual Abuse is preventable.
21. Because the Survivor Today is worth the effort.
22. Families need support.
23. Spouses need to learn how to support Adult Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse.
24. Children of Adult Survivors of Child Sexual abuse need healthy parents.
25. Survivors must understand that the abuse is not their fault.
26. Survivors need to learn the truth about sexual abuse.
27. Hiding the abuse does not serve the well being of our community – it jeopardizes its future.
28. Abusers need to be held accountable for the damage caused to families.
29. Parents deserve the right to know if their child is being abused.
30. Churches have no right to protect abusers.
31. Children are not sex objects.
32. Children have rights.
33. To reduce cases of HIV.
34. To help hurting children, teens and adults that use drugs and alcohol to cope with the pain.
35. Those that are ashamed of this issue will not continue to silence those affected.
36. To get dental care.
37. To allow doctors to adequately treat Survivors.
38. So that research can affectively explain the crisis.
39. Because there are millions of children at risk.
40. Sex traffickers target children of child sexual abuse.
41. Talking about abuse includes talking to God through prayer – He cares and wants us to turn to Him.
42. Because mental diseases are just as important as any medical condition.
43. In honor of those that have died at the hands of their abusers.
44. Child sexual abuse is an epidemic.
45. If we don’t address this issue or talk about it then how can we deal with it?
46. Because we are more courageous than we think.
47. We can effectively deal with this issue if we choose to – so lets choose to.
48. No child deserves to be abused.
49. We owe it to our children to protect them.
50. Adult Survivors are an excellent resources for advocacy and prevention.
51. Left untreated the pain does not go away.
52. Because it matters.
53. If our country can be spend billions of dollars on entertainment and sports – surely we can spend some time and attention on this issue.
54. We need to talk to Congress so that the laws can be changed to protect children.
55. Its ridiculous not to – how much longer will we ignore the elephant in the room?
56. When we don’t talk about it – we send a strong message to abusers that its really ok and its not.
57. Because we can.
58. Silence is akin to being an accessory to the abuse.
59. Because I personally am mad as hell and refuse to be quiet any longer and you should be too.
60. Because we are supposed to talk about issues that matter to us.
61. Children aren’t always in a position to speak for themselves – they need adults to.
62. We have the time.
63. Adult Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse can only reach their true potential when they are free from the bondage of abuse.
64. The Survivor Today needs to get rid of the baggage the abuse gave to them.
65. Adult Survivors of Child Sexual abuse deserve to have a healthy sex life.
66. CSA can lower a child’s self esteem – children and adults need to hear that they are worthy, lovable and important. Our silence only confirms to survivors that they aren’t worth the effort.
67. Our voices have power – power to help children and adult survivors of CSA.
68. Because to speak out is to show love.
69. Because we care about each other.
70. People matter.
71. If we can advocate for humane treatment for animals then we can speak up about child abuse.
72. It is a horrible crime and an evil thing to stand by and watch a child be sexually abused.
73. People need to be told to report child abuse.
74. Child sexual abuse is a crime.
75. To treat depression.
76. Children are a blessing.
77. Survivors that have been blessed should be a blessing to others.
78. Survivors can relate well to another survivor.
79. Our story deserves to be told.
80. Adult Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse need to know from another Survivor that there is hope on the other side.
81. To save a Survivor from imprisonment.
82. To learn effective ways to deal with stress.
83. Survivors must learn how to maintain healthy relationships.
84. Because it is a reality.
85. We will make the world a better place for at least one other person.
86. To give hope to a hurting person.
87. To teach the medical profession how to treat survivors.
88. To let go of the past and move forward.
89. To tell your testimony and give Glory to God for helping you.
90. To stop that family member from molesting another person in your family.
91. Speaking up is a healthy habit and part of a healthy lifestyle.
92. To treat PTSD.
93. We need to warn parents.
94. To treat anorexia.
95. Because there is a child some where right now that needs you.
96. To provide support and direction to spouses, friends, parents and family members.
97. To tell parents that its not their fault.
98. The abusers need silence to continue to abuse – why not disarm them?
99. Because eventually the secrets will manifest in your life and the results could be extremely detrimental.
100. To gain inner peace.
101. To gain control and power over you own life – take the power away from the abuser!


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