Mary’s Living Proof

Mary J Blige is the Queen of R&B,  a successful songwriter, record producer and actress. She released her first album twenty years ago and has consistently entertained and inspired us since then.  She’s earned countless awards, sold millions of records, had several top charting singles and performed to sold out concerts. Over the past two decades, her fans have watched are shine and struggle.  We’ve seen Mary overcome addiction and escape toxic relationships. Her songs detail the drama behind her victories. With passion and soul she dominates the charts and gains respect and admiration from her fans.

Mary J. Blige purposely, creatively and courageously opens up her heart and soul to give listeners what is deep inside her soul. In 2010 she told her story of child sexual abuse. Mary the Survivor knows that soul music speaks to the soul and it is no coincidence that her lyrics do to. When survivors hear her story, we hear our story. Listening to her sing is like talking, venting and listening to a very good friend – who gets it- gets the struggle, gets the pain, the dreams and the drama. Sharing her experiences and being so transparent and open makes her vulnerable and susceptible to judgment and criticism. But that doesn’t seem to deter her. She’s focused on her fans knowing that there are other people out there going through the same thing she is. Mary knows that its bad enough to go through struggles  – but to go through them alone is even worse.

We all want to be heard and understood, validated and affirmed  but  not judged and criticized. Which is what makes the relationship she has with her fans a give and take inspiration exchange.  Her songs are  messages of support, comfort and reassurance. They authenticate her and our experiences which translates into another person believing that another understands who we are. This is what makes the darkness of isolation evaporate.  Her story is a multi platinum story and lends confirmation that our story matters and that is why so many people can relate to her music

Record after record after record she keeps giving it  and her fans keep getting it. The key to her success is that she mirrors the soul of the woman from the boardroom to the club. The Survivor Today can relate to this down to earth Diva and we are connected to her energy. Her fans say – “She’s singing my life story! That’s not just her story – its my story – no wonder I like her and her music!”

Her words are her songs and her songs are her testimony. Mary doesn’t sing songs, she declares and decrees soul anthems. With clarity and purpose she’s a  voice of encouragement on the airwaves proclaiming  – you can win, you are strong. We hear you Mary and know that the next twenty years will bring even more love, growth, success and support.



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