He Listens

Adult survivors often feel alone. There are times when we feel as if there are very few people to talk to about your situations. Personally, there have been plenty of times I’ve wanted nothing more than to pick up the phone or go to my closest friend and express my feelings. But I’ve learned the outcomes usually don’t always meet my expectations. Some of the people in my life  know my past, my secrets and my  pain but don’t necessarily know how to show support or compassion. And I know that many of  you have also confided in family and friends only to  feel disappointed in not receiving the love and understanding you so desperately need. Friends and family may feel uncomfortable and helpless when speaking to us. Others may not know what to say and even ask that we not talk to them about it again. Others may just say down right negative things or blame you, tell you to get over the past or state that there is nothing that they can do about it.

But the Word of God promises that God hears your prayers and listens like no one ever will.

First things first. God is not a man and therefore can not and will not respond as such. He is our Heavenly Father and His ways and thoughts are above our ways and thoughts. So lets not put Him in the same category as our family and friends. His listening skills are far, far better. Second, we are not alone. Sisters and Brothers our feelings don’t always line up with the truth. We may feel alone and be without the company of family or friends but God is always with us. Always.

Third, He loves us and He cares. When we talk to God, which is what prayer is, He listens. Lets update our expectations of God. We can expect, believe and trust that God listens because His Word says so and His Word is the truth. God can not lie.

God listens to each of us. All of us. He can hear the saint and the sinner, the church goer and the street walker, those that read the bible and those that don’t own one. He does not and will not discriminate. He listens to you. Try talking to Him just as you would a loved one, a parent or a spouse. Tell him exactly what is on your mind. Be completely and totally honest – don’t hold back. There is nothing that you can’t say to him – technically he knows it anyway. Try it and you will see that praying will help you more than you would ever imagine.


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