Joyce Meyer’s Teaches How to Enjoy Everyday Life!

Joyce Meyer’s experiences, testimony and biblical teachings make her an essential asset to the Survivor community. Mrs. Meyer is extremely candid and transparent about the childhood sexual abuse she experienced and uses its consequential pain as well as her struggles and desire to be free as a way to connect with others One of her famous mantras is that if she can overcome her bad attitude, selfishness and the need to people please, than anyone can through Jesus Christ.  She is foremost a Christian teacher, writer and speaker. Her message is consistent: the redemptive love of Jesus Christ can free any of us from the bondage of sin if we allow it to – especially  the seeds of sin like shame, guilt, anger and fear that can grow inside each Survivor if they are not uprooted. Her messages are broadcast on a variety of television stations including TBN and also can be viewed on her website. She also shares the same beliefs in her books and magazine.

It is highly recommended and urgent that every Survivor become a student of a respected, trusted and sincere teacher.  I personally watch Joyce Meyer frequently because she is very upfront –  she is honest in communicating that she consistently honors, obeys and worships the greatest teacher of them all – Jesus Christ. To listen to Joyce is not only a way of learning Christian principles but also a way to watch the transformative work of Christ in her life.

Supporters and partners are drawn to her because she is down to earth and because she can use her flip sense of humor to laugh at herself. She comes across as not being above us or better than us. She is one of us or among those in need of the love, grace, mercy and forgiveness of Christ. She continually proves to be non judgmental when she speaks candidly about her past mistakes and failures. Most of her sermons are comprised of anecdotes from her day to day experiences as a wife and mother.  

Today Joyce Meyer works tirelessly helping others in need across the world through Joyce  Meyer Ministries. They feed the hungry, spread the gospel, encourage those in prison and help to provide medical services to the sick. Visit their website where you can submit a prayer request, read a daily devotional, and read everyday answers to some very intriguing questions. You will also find current and archived episodes of Joyce Meyer’s television show “Enjoying Everday Life”.

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