Enroll in Oprah’s OWN Classroom!

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Over the past 20 years Oprah Winfrey public success has been inspiring.

Many of the details of her success has been very public. She is often in the media. You would have to be from a different planet to be blind to her success. She had her own tv show, network, magazine – she has interviewed and listened to many. Very generous, started school and given away so much on her show. She has been influential in endorsing the creditbilty which therefore ensured the success of others like Obama, Dr. Oz, Dr. Phil and Gayle King.

Although you would have to be from a different planet to be blind to her success. Few would understand her private pain as other survivors.

To the world she is Oprah but to the circle of survivors she is a matriarch. She spoke up about her own experiences – when she didn’t. but because she did she caught the attention of her fellow sisters. At some point we not only identified with her pain, became involved in her passion and enjoyed her success as if it was our own.

She has interviewed child molesters and had countless shows about sexual abuse on her television show.

She never looked ashamed or apologetic.

Her last show seemed to sum it up

Winfrey explains that’s its not over – her story continues. With courageous – she explores uncharted territory – that is for an African American woman who is also a survivor.

What message can we get from Oprah – its not about the money. She usually stands up and for a cause with integrity and honesty. She is not held back by fear or her past.

On behalf of survivors all around the world – we salute for Ms. Winfrey for continuing on your journey.

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