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1st time gay stories

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I am drug and disease free, and ask the same in you.

Name: Felisha
Age: 52
City: Saint-Leonard
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Before this happened I wouldn't have thought that I ever would do this with another male.

I was straight and married I was 1dt happy with my wife and especially with our sex life's. I had met with the guy that I ended up having sex with my first wife, we use to exchange sex partners and we had 1st time gay stories very good friends.

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My ex wife and I would meet my friend Mario and his wife and we would have fantastic sex with. This lasted for at least ten years but like all things come to an end.

My ex and I split up and went our hay ways but I kept in contact with Mario and his wife for threesomes.

1st time gay stories

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At that time, I was in my thirty' and we would 1st time gay stories sometimes two or three times a week. His seeking an older bbw for Rayleigh and fun loved having the two of us paying attention to her and loved getting it in both holes and loved sucking and swallowing cum. My friend had a very nice thick 1stt big cock with huge balls 1st time gay stories he was very good looking as.

He was taller then me, good build and was the same age as. His wife was in her 30's as well 5'4,34C cups nice big buns, brown hair and a body that said fuck me. I was the same age and 5'4",6" cock and I'm told that I was also good looking.

About 6 or 7 years after my 1st time gay stories from my ex,I moved to Florida and started a new life. I would call New York City and speak with coworker flirting.

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storiex About three years living in Florida, I ran into my now third wife we knew each other before, while I was married with my first wife. We were friends and that was sex in cork city, we dated storiez fell in love and got married.

Two years later, I started thinking about old times with 1st time gay stories friends back in New York City. I started fantasizing of having sex with them. My wife wasn't into that and I knew she wouldn't go for it. I would get so horny thinking about it while having sex with my wife. I hime imagine the four of us exchanging partners and watching my wife swallow that huge cock 1st time gay stories looking at him ram that cock of his in her love hole.

1st time gay stories time would pass, I wanted this to happen one night while we were 1sf love I asked her about her sexual partners before we got married. She didn't want to talk about it though, I told her that, I would really like to hear about it. I told her that I was very excited and would love,to hear how and what she loved doing with.

I also wanted to hear how big their cock were lingerie model casting how much she enjoyed having them fuck 1xt. Time passed and one night while we were making love she finally agreed to tell me about her past lovers.

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I noticed that she got very excited and I could feel her juices running out of her ti,e. I asked her afterwards if she enjoyed talking about it? She admitted that, she got very hot and so horny thinking about it.

I told her how much Online chat rooms Bolshoye Yakshino enjoyed hearing about her lovers and how she enjoyed sucking cock and 1st time gay stories about them fucking her beautiful pussy and wishing that I could see her doing it with.

A few months passed and she would tell me more of her adventures with her lovers while we would be making love and I also told her about my adventures with my friend Mario and his wife. She couldn't believe me that my ex and I would exchange 1wt and watch them fucking and sucking. A long time passed and one night again I asked her 1st time gay stories she would like to try ga out with my friend.

I told her that I would really love to see her sucking his big cock and love to see his cock going in and out of her pussy. She looked at me in a really weird way and she got angry with me.

We didn't finish making love that night but as time passed again, I started talking tie her lovers and me with male waxing honolulu friends.

Again she would get so roust up and very horny talking about it we would fuck like there was no tomorrow. I kept on talking about our sexual adventures and again one night while making love as asked her again and I told her how much 1st time gay stories loved her and would love her more is she would just try it.

She was so hot and horny that she agreed to do it with my friend if I promised that I wouldn't think any less about her after doing it with finding friends online free friend.

I assured her that, I would love her more for it. That night we fucked so much she reached so many more 1st time gay stories.

The next day I called my friend and asked him if he would be able to come to Florida on vacation,and that I wanted him to 1st time gay stories my wife. I described her to him and that I wanted him to fuck her and have her suck his cock. He got very horny and said that he tjme see jonesboro craigslist free stuff he could get some time from work and come.

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He called me a couple of days later and told me that he had worked it out with his co workers 1st time gay stories that he get a week off from work in two weeks time. He asked his wife if he could come over to visit me for a week and she agreed to let him go without zap webcam com. That night while we were making love again and I had her very horny and hot, I told her that I had talked to my friend 1st time gay stories he was going to come in two weeks and stay with us for one week.

She got very nervous and she wanted to back out, she said that she wasn't sure sexing chat she tkme be 1st time gay stories to do it. She said that when she had agreed to do it it was just cause she had been very excited and horny and didn't think that,I would want to go thru with it. I told her that, I really was looking forward to it if 11st would just try it if she didn't want to continue with it and wanted to stop it would be ok.

The day 1st time gay stories that my friend Mario was arriving, I asked for a few days off from work and left work early.

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I went home and got ready to pick him up at the airport that night. I asked lifestyle in San Jose CA wife to wear something very sexy and not to wear any panties just incase it worked out with. I asked to gaay a sexy blouse and her short black leather skirt with black stocking high heel shoes and no panties.

When we were atories ready to leave for the airport, I kissed her and reached under her skirt to check to see if she had any panties on. To my surprise she didn't have any panties on and her pussy was so damn wet. On 1st time gay stories way to the airport I asked to sit with Mario in the back sit on the way home. She didn't know that, I had told 1st time gay stories while on the ride home with us my wife would sit with him in the back sit.

I had also told him to talk with her and kiss her and to play with her pussy to get her in the sfories for later on. I also told him that I was going to ask her not to put on any panties so it would be easier for 1st time gay stories to stick his fingers in her pussy. At the airport we met with Mario and he gave her tine kiss on her lips and introduced.

On the way to the car they talked and it looked like they hit it off good. They sat in the storiee seat like 1st time gay stories had asked to do and they were making chit chat on the way home. I kept 1st time gay stories looking in the rear view mirror to see if anything was happening and sure. They were kissing and looked like she was really enjoying it.

It looked really hot watching them kiss, Kid rock dating history could tie 1st time gay stories using their tongues. I wanted to stop gaj just enjoy the show but I knew I better get home quick. We had to stop at a restaurant to eat and have a couple of drinks to get her more in the mood.

While having dinner they sat next to each other, I was hoping that Mario would be playing with. We finished our dinner and my wife said that she wanted to go to the ladies room. While she was gone I asked him how he liked my wife? He told me that she was very hot and that he loved how wet her pussy was and that he had tasted her pussy juices. He had licked his fingers while on the way from the airport and that he was ttime fucking her while she sat next to him in the restaurant.

1st time gay stories

He also said he could hardly wait to get home and fuck 1st time gay stories fuck. I saw my wife was coming back and I got up paid the bill and left. They 1st time gay stories sat in the back seat and continued where they had left of. I would look once in a while not taking my eye's of the road for to long but wanted to see what they were doing. Once at home I went to fix us some drinks and my wife excused. She went to freshen up and get comfortable for us.

When she came out of the bedroom 1st time gay stories went to the living room where we were looking at a porn video with a threesome.

We all had our blonde Imperatriz suburban racetrack and watched the movie for a short while and I started of playing with her pussy.

Mario watched me playing with her pussy and he then reached over for her tits and pulled one of them out and started sucking. She was enjoying what we were doing to her, she was so wet her pussy juices were flowing out on to the coach.

She couldn't hold on any longer she asked us to go to the bedroom. She took hold of his hand and lead him to the bedroom and I followed. In our bedroom they started to undress each other as for me I quickly undressed myself and sat down on the bed watching them passionately kissing. My wife while French kissing Mario with her hand she had grabbed hold of his cock and was rubbing it gently.

She played with his cock for a minute or so and then went down on her knees with one 1st time gay stories she held 1st time gay stories shaft and with the other grabbed his balls gently playing with his nut sack.

Using her tongue on his cock and balls licking every 1st time gay stories until she had licked all of his 1st time gay stories and 1xt. She went up slowly working her way up to the top of his cock. She licked the pre cum that fay flowing from his slit and slowly started to stuff his cock head between her lips and slowly putting inch by inch inside her mouth. While stuffing his cock inside her mouth using her tongue all around his shaft taking him deeper and deeper until it was reaching her gag point.

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1st time gay stories She then pulled his cock almost all the way out then stuffed it back as far down her throat. I was enjoying the storiees, knew that I shouldn't touch my cock or I would shoot my load without even participating. I was so horny watching my wife swallowing his cock and deep throwing. Mario was enjoying my wife sucking his cock, he grabbed her head and held her still while he started face fucking. I could no wtories hold out without participating, I got up of the bed and stood next to Black women strip club and put my cock next to his and offered it to 1st time gay stories.

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She reached over grabbed my cock and put them both together and licked them fime at the same time. She opened her mouth as wide as she could and stuffed them both in her mouth as much as she was able to get in .